IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) is one of the world's foremost international technical conferences for engineers and researchers at the forefront of development and deployment of wireless technologies. It is the annual wireless event for wireless communications industry professionals, interested in the latest research and design.

In 2007, for the first time ever, WCNC will be held outside North America in Asia's world city, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a very unique city with a true mixture of eastern and western values and combining the exotic with the convenience of a modern thriving city.

Hong Kong is often referred to as the gateway to China and Asia. Combined with the regions unique communications activities, we have themed WCNC 2007 "Wireless Gateway". Attending WCNC 2007 is a perfect way to experience, fast growing vibrant economies and the excitement of China and Asia.

Hong Kong has an extremely modern communication infrastructure and has been a leader in providing innovative communication services. For example, it is home to the conglomerate that owns "Three" which has deployed 3G networks around the world. It was also the first city to commercially launch the CDMA wireless network, IS 95, and has been one of the leading cities for mobile phone penetration. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) region that includes Hong Kong is also home to many communication technology companies and these are now beginning to challenge traditional market world leaders. Regionally, there are also a large number of innovative activities in communications and we hope that by coming to WCNC 2007 you can feel and glimpse this excitement.

At WCNC 2007 we are planning to have a program that highlights our unique location. Our plenary session will have speakers from the region and we are also planning to have an optional technical visit to a large local communication corporation just across our border, in Shenzhen. A special keynote address evening will also have eminent speakers providing us with their views of future research directions in wireless communications. In addition, the 2007 technical presentations will cover the entire spectrum of technologies from Physical layer issues to Networking issues and Services and Applications. The 5 day event comprises research presentation sessions, tutorials and technology and business application panels.

We aim to provide a very warm welcome to all who attend WCNC 2007- Wireless Gateway!


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